In the previous topic, you looked at the Exponential model, which is the simplest model to describe population growth. While the Exponential model can describe some populations in ideal environments, it is generally too simple.

The Logistic model is one step in complexity above the Exponential model. It is more realistic and is the basis for most complex models in population ecology. Please note, however, that even the Logistic model simplifies the true complexities found in population biology.

Graphical representation of logistic growth, one of the simplest models used in the study of population growth

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the biology and math behind logistic population growth.
  • Understand the concepts behind logistic growth model when resources are limited.
  • Recognize the mathematical representation of density-dependence in the logistic equation.

Your task is to familiarize yourself with the logistic population growth and the logistic equation.

  You should go through this topic in a linear fashion and follow the prompts that are given to you. However, each section is accessible by coming back to this introductory page and clicking on the appropriate thumbnail.